Dear Collingswood Church Family,

Feel free to join us online or in person. Hand sanitizer will be made available throughout the building. We also have sealed, sanitary, single-serving communion cups that include the bread, available for use on Sunday morning.

During this challenging time let's remember above all that we are Christians, so let's make sure we are caring for one another, especially our elderly members and our neighbors. Do they need groceries? Do they need an errand run for them? Ask them. Our Elders continue to give careful thought to this matter and we encourage you to talk with us about any needs or concerns you may have. Please pray that God will bless, protect, and heal those suffering from the coronavirus, for those in the medical field, and that this situation would diminish. Let's continue to spread the Gospel, especially at this time. Let us be known for our love.

Thank you Collingswood Family!

Mark Finn

Collingswood Church of Christ.